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Our Partners

Partners & Stakeholders

East Kent Training Hub aims to facilitate collaborative working across a range of out of hospital, health and social care providers and stakeholders, which include:

General Practice Staff
Training Programme Directors (TPD)
GPs and GP Tutors (GPT)
Practice Managers and administrative staff
Health Care Assistants
Primary Care Workforce Leads
Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs)
Clinical Chairs / Accountable Officers
Primary Care Workforce Tutors for Thanet, South Kent Coast, Ashford, Canterbury & Coastal CCG
Schools & Universities
Health & Social Care Providers and Specialists
Paramedic Leads
Physician Associate representatives
Pharmacy representatives
Out of Hours providers
Other providers (new care models) which in time may include Social Care representation
Care Homes
The Third Sector
Social Care
East Kent Vanguard (Encompass)
Service User Representatives
Student focus Groups
Patient participation groups
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