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Becoming a Primary Care Supervisor or a GP Clinical Supervisor

Primary care educators are a crucial part of the general practice workforce and support many groups of learners in their education and development.

The following pages will give an overview of the educator roles available through HEE KSS and how to apply.

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The first step of the pathway is becoming a GP Clinical Supervisor (CS). Individuals can do this by undertaking a one-day teaching module. If the doctors employing practice is not a training practice, an assessment of the learning environment will need to take place. CS’ host doctors in their second year of Foundation training (the first year after GMC registration) for a four-month period.

After accrediting as a Clinical Supervisor doctors can consider becoming a GP Educational Supervisor (ES). Training for this role takes place on a six-day module. Prospective ES’ will have ideally had direct responsibility for a trainee and have experience of supervising a trainee in their practice. Trainers need to demonstrate competencies as an educator through the development of a portfolio.

The employing practice will also need to be accredited as a training practice by a Patch Associate GP Dean.

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