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Diabetes awareness training: Supporting people with mental health conditions

31st August 2022 at 9am – 1pm

Course overview

• Who is at risk of type 2 diabetes or non diabetic hyperglycaemia?

• Encouraging screening to take place

• Non diabetic hyperglycaemia

• Type 2 diabetes

• Type 1 diabetes • Additional subjects: alcohol and illicit drugs, diabetes distress scale, preparing for the review

• Useful resources, websites, competencies related to the course

Course aims

• increase understanding about nondiabetic hyperglycaemia, type 2 diabetes and type 1 diabetes including care pathways from diagnosis, self-care requirements, ongoing annual screening and appropriate treatment options.

• explore how healthcare workers can recognise the link between mental health conditions and increased risk of diabetes and the importance of screening for type 2 diabetes (including common symptoms related to high blood glucose levels).

• explore how healthcare workers can support people with mental health conditions to engage with diabetes services, act as advocates helping to understand and explore the services, work towards effective self-care or understanding when support is required.

• appreciate that the participants will have a varied experience in the treatment and management of diabetes. Previous learning is valued, shared and utilised. Participants will be encouraged to take an active, analytical role.

Criteria to apply

For mental health care workers, including, nurses, social prescribers, social workers and care coordinators.

• Available to attend from 8.50, programme start 9.00, finish 13.00.


Please contact to register and state you name, role, place of work and email.

You will be emailed a resource pack, including a workbook, to print and use during the course.


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