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Kent & Medway Inaugural Polypharmacy Community of Practice meeting

The National Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) is working on a new Programme on Polypharmacy: Getting the Balance Right. The AHSN Polypharmacy Programme is helping primary care colleagues tackle potential harm from multiple medications through improved use of data, education and training, and public behaviour change. We are supporting the education and training by setting up a Community of Practice. Community of Practice (CoP) cultivates change through collaboration. It is self-organising, self-governing cross-professional and cross-organisational offering potential to reduce fragmentation of practice. The issues discussed are typically complex and beyond the scope of any individual, profession, or organisation. This is a network of key stakeholders that will meet regularly to support the delivery of this national programme, but also foster a culture of engagement, collaboration, learning and innovation to reduce problematic polypharmacy for their populations most at risk from harm. The first meeting for K&M is on Thursday 23rd February 2023, 12-2pm . Register via the Eventbrite link here. If you would like to find out more about the programme, please contact us on or visit Polypharmacy Programme: getting the balance right - AHSN Network


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