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Mediation Skills Programme & Espresso - additional sessions

The South East Leadership Academy are pleased to introduce a new learning programme; Supporting you with Meaningful Mediation Skills, which provides you with an opportunity to explore and apply a range of approaches in the management and resolution of workplace conflict. Conflict at work can be stressful, time consuming and disruptive for those directly involved and also those within the team and / or department who are indirectly involved. Responding to conflict when it arises and addressing the root cause at the earliest opportunity can reduce how wide reaching and entrenched the conflict becomes and help to limit the negative residual impact that can often ripple through a team.

About the programme

At the heart of the programme is a belief that individuals need to be given a safe space to ask questions, discuss concerns and challenges relating to conflict, while also being encouraged to strengthen their conflict awareness and responsibility. By building upon this awareness & personal responsibility, participants will recognise their own responses & solutions plus accept accountability for their actions connected to the conflict. This programme provides guided support from an experienced conflict expert to support reflection, processing and the identification of options and approaches to respond successfully to conflict within a continually changing workplace.

The programme will support up to 8 people over the course of 3 stages of work, providing a personalised and focused level of support on each person’s individual situation and context. Prior to starting the course, you will be required to complete a detailed questionnaire on a current conflict situation you are facing and personal reflect on how you feel about the situation and your role in responding & resolving the conflict.


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The programme will consist of 3 stages as follows:

  1. 1:1 Introduction Phone Call: Following the completion and submission of the detailed questionnaire, Noelle will conduct an introductory phone call with each delegate to discuss and understand their current conflict situation in more depth, and any individual needs captured on the questionnaire. The call will last approximately 30 minutes and provide a gentle introduction to the programme, offering useful reflection and preparation time prior to the workshop.

  2. Small Group Workshop: a small group development workshop will explore workplace conflict and how practical and applied mediation skills can support resolving those conflicts (2.5 hours).

  3. 1:1 Support partner session: following the completion of the development workshop, each delegate will have access to a 1:1 support partner session with Noelle to enable participants to review their conflict action plan, practice mediation skills or coaching on particular conflict elements (1 hour).


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