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Practice Assessor & Practice Supervisor Workshops - 2022

We are offering these refresher workshops to all practice assessors and practice supervisors. We will be working through the processes of supervision and assessment sharing and exploring your experiences supporting students.

Aim of the workshop: To understand and gain confidence in your role as a Practice Assessor/Supervisor.

Learning Outcomes:

Understand of the new NMC Standards, roles, and responsibilities.

How to assess learning needs and set learning objectives,

Identify appropriate methods of assessment,

Understand the importance of and how to give effective feedback,

Consider additional student support needs.

These sessions will be held virtually on:

October - Thursday 27th -10-12am

November - Monday 28th - 2-4pm

December - Wed 14th- 10-12am

Please email to book a place.

Your place will be confirmed and joining instructions sent one week prior to the workshop.


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