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Topol Digital Fellowships - Apply now

Candidates are invited to apply for the new digital health fellowships aimed at helping health and social care professionals build digital health expertise into their careers. The application window for cohort four of the Topol Digital Fellowship is now open and runs until 1 December. You can apply on the Digital Fellowship website. The Topol Digital Fellowship provides health and social care professionals with time, support and training to lead digital health transformations and innovations in their organisations. They are approximately 12 months in length starting in April. There will be regular learning sessions, talks from digital health and social care practitioners and online community drop-in sessions scheduled throughout the 12 months plus additional opportunities across the digital health and social care arena. There have been some changes to the eligibility criteria and the Fellowship is now open to all staff, clinical or non-clinical working in or delivering services to the NHS or social care in England. For more information, visit the Topol Digital Fellowship website.

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