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Training & Learning Resources

This page includes documents, presentations and other resources relating to training and learning events.

July Safeguarding Adults & Children

Protected Learning Time

Chronic Pain
How Primary Care can support the homeless community
Safeguarding Update

Clinical Resources

Respiratory Newsletter. March 2022.
Primary Care Training: Looked after children
Respiratory Patient Information Pack

Integrated Locality Review Team (ILR)

Regular multi-disciplinary meetings across all Primary Care Networks (PCNs)

Study @ Supper

Psychosis and Early Intervention
Haemophilia and 
Cellular Pathology
Clinical biochemistry and immunology
NHS five year plan for Lung Health, Respiratory projects for Kent/Medway and Corona virus: The ever changing story
Study @ Supper: Dementia Awareness

PCN CEF Educator Leads Sessions

Session 1: Simulation
Session 2: Same Day Emergency Care
Session 3: CEF & Year 3 CEF allocation
Session 4: Primary Care Mental Health Services & ACP development
Session 5: RESTORE2 programme for Care Homes and ReSPECT training and education in primary care.
Session 6: Training and Educations. (NMP & ACP).
Session 7: Wren Healthcare, PLT opportunities.
Session 8: Pharmacist Training reforms
Session 9: Education and training opportunities

ACP Development Sessions

Additional Resources

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HSCWRU Webinar on Nursing Associates

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Paramedics Prescribing Webinar

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Unravelling the Paramedic Roadmap webinar

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Unravelling the Paramedic Roadmap webinar. Part 2

Safety Netting webinar

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