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Aspiring Development programme for Band 5 Nurses

An exciting new career development opportunity for your Nurses is coming to NHS trusts across the Kent and Medway ICS this autumn!

What is the Programme? The NHS Kent & Medway Aspiring Development Programme (Band 5 - Band 6 Nurses) is an innovative pilot programme that is designed to equip Band 5 Nurses from diverse backgrounds with the knowledge and aptitude to plan their careers effectively, overcome barriers and move into Band 6 roles and new specialisms with confidence.

This unique, experiential learning combines face to face, virtual, interactive and social elements within a Development Centre framework. It focuses strongly on nurturing key communication skills that are relevant to handling a range of challenging scenarios. The programme will also provide opportunities for peer support and networking, as well as access to professionals throughout the ICS who are dedicated to nurse development.

So, why now?

Recent research and staff feedback has told us that nurses require more support, encouragement and skills development to overcome barriers and help them to achieve their career goals. There is no better time to address these needs and progress the next generation of our nurses.

How to get involved:

The pilot is launching in the autumn and Band 5 nurses are invited to express their interest by completing the online form:

Please let your Band 5 & 6's know about this fantastic opportunity!


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