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Becoming a GP Clinical Supervisor & course dates

Clinical supervisors oversee the clinical activity of trainee doctors, ensuring that they only perform tasks they are competent to do. To become a Clinical Supervisor for Foundation Year two students (FY2), individuals must complete a one day online course.

GPs that work in an Out of Hours (OOH) setting may also take part in the course. However, there is currently not an accreditation process for supervision in an OOH setting, therefore a certificate of attendance will be issued.

Criteria for becoming a CS:

  • must work a minimum of four clinical sessions

  • must have been a qualified GP for 12 months at time of CS accreditation

  • must have been in a substantive post in the current practice for a minimum of 6 months at point of CS accreditation

  • must be a salaried Doctor or partner – but not a Locum or Retainer Doctor.

Upcoming dates for virtual Clinical Supervisor courses:

  • CS44 – Wednesday 17 November 2021

  • CS45 – Thursday 16 December 2021

  • CS46 – Wednesday 19 January 2022

  • Out of Hours specific course – Wednesday 26 January 2022

  • CS47 – Thursday 17 February 2022

  • CS48 – Wednesday 16 March 2022.

The Clinical Supervisor course

The one-day online module in clinical supervision introduces you to the generic knowledge and skills needed in order to work as a Clinical Supervisor.

The module introduces key concepts relating to ensuring safety for both learners and patients.

Prospective supervisors will begin to appreciate how to recognise the level at which learners are working, how to begin educational planning through discussion and how to organise educational activities to meet the learning needs of the individual.

Through practical workshops individuals will be able to rehearse in a safe environment the skills needed to give constructive criticism based on observation.

The course will introduce individuals to the key principles of assessment and practice utilising the Foundation programme national assessment tools.

There will be an introduction to core principles of adult educational theory and how to apply these in a practical setting. This theory will be further developed in later modules within the educator pathway, if CS’ wish to progress to become a GP trainer.

You will be invited to book on to one of the above dates.

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