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#doingourbit for the NHS

#DoingOurBit is a platform of over 50 free workouts for NHS staff. Inspired by NHS keyworker Julie Davis, who wanted to support her colleagues with access to free fitness during lockdown and beyond, #DoingOurBit was created by leading fitness industry businesses Active IQ, Study Active and fibodo. Each gave their time generously and freely – as did all 40 PTs whose workouts are featured – to ‘give back’ and ‘do their bit’ to support the hardworking NHS.

#DoingOurBit launched in June 2020 to the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust and its 10,000 staff. Word quickly spread and demand rose from NHS Trusts up and down the country: As of May 2021, 97 NHS trusts have signed up, giving over 575,000 NHS staff access to the free workouts.


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