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East Kent PLT: Population Health - November 2022

We look forward to seeing you at Novembers Training Hub Led PLT.

The session is for all staff and is on Population Health PLT: Everyone's Business

We are pleased to confirm full cover is available on these dates through the original routes. Full cover is in place from 1:00 pm-6:30 pm on the dates specified for your area.

If you are unable to attend, please join your neighbouring area as the agenda will be the same.

East Kent Canterbury & Ashford

2nd Nov 2022 2PM - 5PM

Meeting ID: 810 3860 1167

Passcode: 660697

East Kent Thanet & SKC

24th Nov 2022 2PM - 5PM

Meeting ID: 835 5072 9467

Passcode: 948717


Population Health East
Download PDF • 370KB


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