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Florence Nightingale Foundation - Sessions

Session 1: Cultivating Courage and Maintaining Compassion Webinar

They are offering support for newly registered nurses and midwives in collaboration with The Bravest Path. We are delivering the webinar 'Cultivating Courage

and Maintaining Compassion'

Between September 2022 - March 2023


Learn that courage requires four sets of skills

that can be developed: rumbling with

vulnerability, living into our values, braving

trust, and learning to rise.

Begin practicing how to ask for what you need,

set boundaries, and reach out for support.

Define vulnerability as uncertainty, risk, and

emotional exposure.

Challenge old definitions and dispel the myths

surrounding the concept of vulnerability.

Define smart risk taking in relation to

vulnerability and comfort, growth and panic


Understand the role of courage and

vulnerability in smart risk taking.

Session 2: Nightingale Frontline Sessions

They are also offering Nightingale Frontline places for newly registered nurses and midwives.

Groups will meet in cohorts of six to experience and master techniques. Sessions will be

facilitated by a highly experienced coach who is proficient in the method of co-consulting.


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