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Greener NHS Workshops for Primary Care

There are several upcoming green NHS online workshops:

Practical Steps for GP Practices and Quality Improvement Projects. 26 Jan, 7:15-8:30pm

Plan for the meeting is below:

• Intro

• Health and climate / Introduction to Greener Practice

• Practical actions GPs can take

• Q and A

• QIP prize information

• Examples of QI projects, structured by 4 principles of sus healthcare

• Q and A

The meeting will be held over Zoom and is free to RCGP members. Here is the link:

Carbon Literacy for Healthcare course. Feb 28th, 6.30pm.

This Carbon Literacy course is designed for primary care and helps explain and improve understanding of:

•What greenhouse gases are and where they come from

•The impact on our climate, our planet and our patients

•The actions we can take today to reduce our emissions and prepare for the future


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