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Leadership Learning Zone & Inclusive Leadership in Healthcare

Leadership Learning Zone South East Leadership Academy Launches the ‘Leadership Learning Zone’ a flexible e-learning resource that takes a learner on an interactive exploration of key areas of leadership development. LLZ was developed by Leadership subject matter experts who develop and deliver a range of quality learning interventions for health and social care and public sector organisations.

LLZ has 22 Modules, with plans for more to be added, with interactive activities to support the leadership journey of learners with relevant, bite-sized modules. It was developed in a way that ensures that learners who may only have limited time available can repeatedly return to the site and complete their learning in a truly flexible way.

Available to all leaders across the South East.

Free access is available via the South East Leadership Academy website: Inclusive Leadership in Healthcare NHSEI London Equality & Inclusion Team are launching a Core Managers’ online training programme. This is an exceptional resource that will be available to support all supervisors and managers to develop insight, skills and confidence to build cultures of compassion, inclusion and belonging for their diverse workforce. Inclusive leadership in health and care

Develop inclusive and compassionate leadership skills to ensure diversity and equality in the health and care industry.

  • Duration: 6 weeks

  • Weekly time commitment: 3 hrs

  • (Total suggested time: 18hrs)

If you are in the UK and have a role in public health and care, enrol today!


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